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General Service 

What is General Service? 

General Service is the arm of AA connected with the General Service Conference, the General Service Office, and provides services to AA which support Primary Purpose.  The group’s G.S.R. (General Service Rep.) is the group’s connection and voice between the group, the Delegate, and the General Service Conference... having a G.S.R. in your group ensures that your group’s opinion shall be heard.

  Our Area is the California Northern Coastal Area 06 made up of 23 participating Districts and we have an Area Meeting in Petaluma on the 4th Saturday of each month... Information is on the home page of the Area 06 Web site:  
Our Area Committee Meeting (ACM) begins at 12:30 and lasts until 3 or 3:30 PM.  In the mornings prior to this Area Committee Meeting, there are other Sharing Sessions and Committee Meetings.  Information is online at the Web link above.  Click on the tab titled "About CNCA" to get the drop-down menu with directions to the Community Center in Petaluma.

What is the General Service structure? 
The General Service structure is the men and women who give freely of their own time to help the still-suffering alcoholic through a structured service entity. The structure is an inverted triangle – the groups are at the top, narrowing down to the districts that service the groups, narrowing down again to the areas that serve the districts and finally to the AA World Services Board and AA Grapevine Board at the bottom. 

What are these General Service positions? How can I get more information about them? 
Members of Alcoholics Anonymous who wish to serve in the general service structure stand for election at the appropriate service meeting.  More information can be found in the AA Service Manual. 

What is a GSR? 
GSR stands for General Service Representative and they are vital links in the chain of communication between the home group and AA as a whole. They are elected by groups to represent them at the Area Assembly and to carry their group conscience to the District, the Area and to the Delegate who will be carrying that information to the Conference.. They also carry back Conference, Area and District actions and information to their group.  A GSR votes "the group conscience" at the Area Assemblies.

GSR Preamble
"As trusted servants, our job is to bring information to our groups in order that they can reach an informed group conscience; we are helping to maintain the unity and strength so vital to our fellowship.  Let us therefore have the patience and tolerance to listen while others share, the courage to speak when we have something to share, and the wisdom to do what is right for our groups as a whole."

What is a DCM? 
A DCM or District Committee Member, is elected by the GSRs in a District or subdistrict to provide a two-way line of communication between the District and the Area Committee, including the Area Delegate. The DCM visits groups without a GSR to talk about the responsibilities of General Service work and how the group may have their collective decisions heard by having a participating General Service representative.
  The DCM attends the DCM Sharing Session which meets from 10:00-11:00 AM in Petaluma at the Community Center on the 4th Saturday of the Month, and brings this information back to their sub-district to share with their groups' General Service Representatives.  The DCM is a voting member of the Area Committee meeting.

What is a DCMC? 
A District Committee Member Chairperson is elected by GSRs and DCMs to help facilitate the chain of communication between the Area Committee, the District Committee and the General Service Representatives. The DCMC chairs/facilitates the District Committee meetings, held from 10:00 AM until Noon, on the First Saturday of each month in Yountville at the Veterans Home, at Lincoln Hall, (Section A), located up the hill past the hospital on the right, just across the street from the Veterans Home Post Office.  (Any AA member may attend the District Meeting.) The DCMC is a voting member of the Area Committee Meeting. 

What is a Delegate? What does the Delegate do? 
Our Area number is Area 06 and it is called the California Northern Coastal Area 06, or CNCA 06 for short.
We have one Delegate representing us at the Annual General Service Conference.
Each of the 93 General Service Areas of AA in the U.S. and Canada has an elected delegate attending the General Service Conference and their each represent their home Area.  The Delegate votes on behalf of his/her area at the General Service Conference. Before attending this General Service Conference, our Delegate sits at an Area Assembly, called the Pre-Conference Assembly and hears the group conscience of each group having a participating General Service Representative (group GSR).  Decisions are made at the General Service Conference by the voting Delegates. 
  The Delegate during the year is stil receiving a huge amount of communications from the General Service Board, and the General Service Office and distributes communications via e-mail to members of the Area Committee and to Chairs of the Area's Standing Committees and Sharing Sessions.. This information in turn, filters to the DCMCs for distribution in each of their home Districts. (Groups having a GSR then get the information from New York).