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I am responsible…

When anyone, anywhere,

reaches out for help. I want

the hand of AA always to be there.

And for that: I am responsible.

Service Literature

A.A.'s Legacy of Service
by Bill W.

"Hence, an A.A. service is anything whatever that helps us to reach a fellow sufferer -- ranging all the way from the Twelfth Step itself to a ten-cent phone call and a cup of coffee, and to A.A.'s General Service Office for national and international action.  The sum total of all these service is our Third Legacy of Service."  
Source: page S1 of the A.A. Service Manual. (literature number BM-31)

The sum total of all service in A.A. is the Third Legacy.  The General Service Structure and Function is a part of service at all levels of A.A., for without it, A.A. would perish.  Bill W. said, on this same paragraph above, "And, not to be forgotten, they need voluntary money contributions from within the Fellowship."