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What is Intergroup? 

Intergroup meets at 10:00 am on the second Saturday of each month at the Crosswalk Community Church in Napa.

Intergroup is: 

  • Representatives from all interested registered AA meetings in the Napa Valley
  • A good resource for questions or problems related to the group
  • A great way to do service at a level not provided by the individual groups
  • Responsible for electing the Intergroup officer positions, maintaining the Napa Valley Fellowship website, distributing meeting schedules, providing literature to meetings, planning various workshops and events, and approving the annual budget.
  • It provides a Newsletter to the Fellolwship 3 or 4 times a year.

Intergroup is not: 

  • A “governing body,” as per AA's 2nd Tradition
  • General Service, which is comprised of the GSR’s from our groups, and ultimately represents our views to World Service in New York on issues facing AA as a whole

Each group that participates in Intergroup is encouraged to have an Intergroup Representative. This person is the liaison between Intergroup and their home group.

The role of an Intergroup Representative Serving as an Intergroup Representative offers you a rewarding opportunity to share in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Third Legacy - Service.

Here’s how it works - The Intergroup Representative is elected by his or her group. They then attend the monthly Intergroup representatives’ meeting. To this meeting they bring any suggestions, comments, or opinions their group may have. The Intergroup representative or alternate casts their group’s vote on all matters requiring a group conscience. 

The purpose -  Is to be a link in the chain connecting the individual member of an AA group to those who are elected to maintain the operation of Intergroup. This allows Intergroup to better serve its members – which is the reason for its existence as provided for in the 9th Tradition which says, “AA, as such ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.” 

Attendance -  At Intergroup meetings is highly important since every group registered with Intergroup has a voice in reviewing the activities of all the committees and approving all actions taken.


Attend Intergroup Regularly
These monthly Intergroup meetings are open to any member. You can better serve the members of your group and fellow reps by being an observer at as many meetings as possible. Even if you have no vote, you have a right to voice your opinion.

Inform Your Group Members
Report at the meeting you represent weekly about the happenings in Intergroup.

Encourage Attendance
If the Intergroup meetings are to be effective, they should be well attended. You can help make this possible by suggesting ideas which can make Intergroup reps from throughout your area eager to attend. Just listening to committee reports, making motions and casting votes doesn’t keep up a high level of interest and motivation. For instance, members of the steering committee and committee chair people can be invited to your group to explain various functions in carrying the AA message.

Know the AA Literature
You will be better able to serve your group, to answer questions, and to make recommendations if you are familiar with the contents of most, if not all, of the pamphlets now available. In other words, do your “homework” on AA.

Help Keep AA Effective & Self-Supporting
One of the most important ways an Intergroup representative can serve is to encourage his/her group to be consistent in making contributions to the operation of Intergroup, as well as the area and the General Service Office. Keep members aware, on every level, that AA is self-supporting through our own contributions.

Keep Your Group Up-To-Date
Make sure the details of your group’s meetings, (days, times, locations, etc.) are accurate and correct on the schedule at all times. Each group should update at least once each year. Experience has shown that January is the best month for this annual update. Encourage members of your group to become avid readers of our newsletter. Periodically provide Intergroup with news of your group and any other articles of interest to all AAs for publication in our monthly newsletter. Stimulate individuals in your group to write about their experiences with the AA program for publication in the newsletter.

Ask Questions
Sometimes the pressures of time and our zeal to get things done expeditiously cause us to move through things too quickly. If you don’t get answers to things your group members want to know about, it is your privilege to ask questions and be heard. Problems in a group, as they pertain to AA as a whole, are your concern also.


Suggested Workshop Format

Event Financial Report:  NVIG FOC Form for Event Chairs

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