General Service

AA has three legacies of service: Recovery, Unity, and Service.  The Sobriety Chips we acquire and get at the Birthday meetings have a triangle inscribed with “Recovery, Unity, and Service”.  The founders gave us the General Service Office and The General Service Board. The Annual General Service Conference attended by 93 Delegates of the 93 Areas of the US and Canada.  Each Area has one elected Delegate.

Our Area, California Northern Coastal Area 06 is one of the largest Areas of the US and Canada with 23 member Districts. District 11 of the Area, CNCA is the District of our Fellowship here in the Napa County boundaries.  To the west of us is District 12, Sonoma County and to the Northeast over Mt. Saint Helena is District 13, Lake County.

Our Area, CNCA 06 has a monthly Business meeting in Petaluma on each 4th Saturday except December but if announced, it may change another meeting time. In December CNCA 06 meets on the third Saturday. Meetings are at the Petaluma Community Center on N. McDowell .  The Website for our Area is  Map of CNCA 06 Area

The General Service Conference Structure for the USA and Canada is diagrammed in our “Service Manual with Twelve Concepts.” Pages S16-S18 describe the Service Structure.  

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The best method of starting to learn about the Service Structure of General service is to visit the Area meeting and attend an assembly.  The Group GSR votes at the Assemblies. The Group GSR is held 4 times a year but does not vote at the monthly Business meetings in Petaluma.  The Petaluma meetings are attended by our District DCMs (District Committee Members) and one DCMC (District Committee Member Chair). The DCMC chairs the District meetings held in Yountville on the first Saturday of the month.  The DCMs and DCMCs from each District have a vote each, and the Area Officers have a vote at the monthly meetings in Petaluma.  DCMs in the Fellowship have a sub-District in the Napa Valley and visit group meeting in their sub-district to encourage groups to elect a GSR.

The District ad hoc committee for the Website Content will be giving us more information for the Website.