Napa County Intergroup Fellowship is a service body directly responsible to the A.A. groups of Napa County. Its primary purpose is to meet the needs of the A.A. groups and to provide services as required.

The monthly meeting provides an opportunity for representatives to share group experience and problems‚ and to keep their groups informed about other service activities in the Napa Valley AA community.

Intergroup publishes our Meeting Directory‚ our newsletter The Link published quarterly, facilitates the AA hotline, coordinates the monthly Birthday Meeting, provides a resource for AA literature to our groups, manages the website  and oversees the NVIG budget. During the winter holiday season‚ NVIG sponsors Alkathons-24 hour continuous meetings and fellowship‚ on Thanksgiving‚ Christmas‚ and New Year’s Day

How do I get involved in Intergroup?

You can get involved by becoming an Intergroup Representative for your meeting‚ if it doesn’t have one. It is suggested that a representative have one year of sobriety and be able to attend the monthly Intergroup meeting. You can also be involved by participating in one of the Intergroup committees. You may contact all of the current Intergroup Committee members through our Contact Us page.

The Intergroup meets on the second Saturday of the Month on Zoom. Officers meet at 9AM, and the business meeting with Reps convenes at 10 :00 AM and adjourns at 12:00 PM. The meeting and Zoom information is listed on the special meeting page.

Intergroup electronic disbursements: Venmo @NapaIntergroup-AA

  • The services that Intergroup provides are: a 24-hour answering service, the Napa AA website, a local AA newsletter, AA literature at cost, meeting schedules, the Birthday Meeting (and chip distribution), an annual AA Anniversary Meeting and Party, and three holiday Alcathons and assorted workshops through the year.
  • In order to provide these services, we depend upon group participation and support. If your group is not represented, please consider joining our efforts by electing an intergroup representative.
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